High-Accuracy Powder diffraction

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At Proto, we make scientific advancement possible by bringing you highly accurate and precise x-ray diffractometers. You work hard to achieve your results, so we work hard to provide you with the best equipment on the market. Our highly configurable powder diffraction systems include benchtop units, compact floor units, and full-sized laboratory units.

The compact AXRD® Benchtop system is full-featured yet highly cost effective. The AXRD Theta-Theta system provides a unique solution for high-temperature diffraction, with temperature stages from -190 to 2000ºC, in the convenience of a compact footprint. The powerful AXRD LPD laboratory system can be customized with x-ray optics to best suit your powder experiment needs.

Whether you need to determine the composition of raw materials or characterize your products, you can count on our versatile powder diffractometers to provide accurate results.

Software and Applications

XRDWIN® PD is our data collection software, optimized for collection versatility. XRDWIN PD makes it easy to set up personalized scan parameters for individual XRD scans and analyze data in real time during acquisition. It can be customized to perform multi-scan collections that vary in temperature, pressure, measurement conditions, or geometries. Built-in prompts optimize alignment and calibration, making the process approachable to even a novice user.

PDAnalysis enables users to analyze powder data acquired with XRDWIN PD. PDAnalysis has an unlimited number of licenses, allowing users to analyze data on or off site with no additional cost. Advanced features of our software enable users to conduct several qualitative and quantitative analyses:

  • Phase identification
  • Search/match against COD or ICDD databases
  • Quantitative phase analysis
  • Whole-pattern fitting (Rietveld refinement)
  • Percent crystallinity
  • Crystallite size and strain
  • Lattice parameter refinement and indexing
  • Retained austenite, residual stress, pole figures, and texture
  • XRF analysis for data collected with SPD detector
  • High-resolution analysis: x-ray reflectivity (XRR) curves, rocking curves, and reciprocal space maps
powder diffraction softwarepowder diffraction software


At Proto, we always choose the best possible x-ray detection systems for our equipment, which is why all of our powder diffractometers are equipped with photon-counting detectors. These detectors directly capture x-ray photons and convert them into an electrical signal. This direct conversion is advantageous because it yields zero dark noise, zero readout noise, high dynamic range, and excellent signal to noise. Choose from the SPD advanced point detector with true energy discrimination, the DECTRIS MYTHEN2 linear detector for high-speed powder diffraction, or the DECTRIS EIGER2 detector for 2D powder diffraction.

SPD silicon point detector


Advanced energy-discriminating single-channel detector

Dectris Mythen 1D


High-speed data collection

Dectris 1K


High-speed wide detector

Dectris Eiger


Area detectors

advanced measurement
stages and cells

Compact Heating Stage

Compact Heating Stages

Heat samples from room temperature to 500ºC or cool samples to -10ºC in a controlled environment under inert gas such as nitrogen (N2) or argon (Ar).

Variable Pressure Stage

Variable-Pressure Stage

Investigate material-gas interactions directly at pressures ranging from 10-3 atm (vacuum) up to 30 atm (440 psi).

Rotating Sample Stage

Rotating Sample Stage

Variable-speed sample spinner for improving particle statistics of samples with preferred orientation.

Sample Changer

Sample Changer

Automated sample changers for unattended operation. Each position can be fixed or contain a built-in rotating stage.

Reactor Chamber

Reactor Chamber

A unique tool for studies of solid state and solid state-gas reactions up to 900ºC and 10 bar.

Hight Temperature Chamber

High-Temperature Chambers

High-temperature options up to 2000ºC, low-vacuum and high-vacuum options.