Axrd® Lpd

High Power, Accuracy, and Flexibility in a Multipurpose Powder Diffractometer

The Ultimate Laboratory Platform for Advanced Diffraction Applications

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The AXRD LPD is the ultimate multipurpose platform for all of your powder diffraction experiments. This versatile, high-power system allows you to easily swap out x-ray optics, sample stages, environmental cells, and x-ray detectors using our convenient, tool-free pre-aligned component-exchange system. Take your LPD from standard to fully loaded, or even upgrade to high-resolution diffraction if your experimental needs change.

With an angular accuracy of < ± 0.01° Δ2θ over the full angular range, the AXRD LPD has the ability to take on highly complex diffraction challenges. This system is ideal for single crystals, thin films, and bulk and powder samples.

Ideal for:

  • Bulk and powder samples
  • Microdiffraction
  • Thin films and coatings
  • Single crystals
  • Material discovery
  • High-throughput sample handling
  • Custom configurations

Advanced Capabilities:

  • Phase ID, Rietveld refinement
  • Texture, microstructure analysis
  • Residual stress, retained austenite
  • GID, in-plane diffraction
  • XRR, rocking curves, reciprocal stress maps
  • PDF, structure solution
LPD powder diffractometer
Texture data
Microdiffraction data
K-alpha 1 data
2D diffraction data

Customization for Your Applications

LPD accessories


Eulerian cradle with phi rotation, X,Y mapping stage, bi-directional tilt stage, sample height adjustment stages.

LPD x-ray source

Flexible X-ray Sources

3000 Watts (60 kV / 50 mA); Cu, Cr, Co, Mn, Mo, V, and Ag x-ray tube options.

LPD chambers


High-temperature, pressure, low-vacuum, and high-vacuum options.

LPD x-ray optics

X-ray Optics

Multilayer x-ray optics (parallel or focusing), parallel plate analyzer, Johansson Kα1, and 2-bounce Ge crystal.