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The Do-It-All Benchtop Diffractometer

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The AXRD Benchtop is powerful enough to enable advanced techniques formerly only possible with full-sized laboratory units. This unit is unmatched in versatility, boasting a superior range of capabilities in a form factor that fits in any lab.

Because of its decoupled motors, the system is not limited to a fixed theta-2theta or theta-theta geometry; instead, it can be used for a wide range of experiments, including rocking curves, glancing-incidence diffraction (GID), and theta oscillation during Bragg-Brentano scanning. In fact, Proto’s Benchtop is the only benchtop diffractometer with an available parallel beam optic and long Soller slit for proper GID measurements.

AXRD Benchtop Diffractometer

AXRD Benchtop techniques

With options for standard six- or eight-sample changers, bulk sample holders, deep cups for single-sample spinners, and zero-background holders, the AXRD Benchtop can accommodate sample holders for any application. In addition, users can customize the system with their choice of detector.

This system is especially unique because of its ability to perform non-ambient diffraction experiments. With the Anton Paar BTS temperature stages, users can run experiments up to 150°C (BTS 150) or 500°C (BTS 500). These stages also enable gas flow via hookup to any gas cylinder (dry air, N2, etc.), as well as relative humidity experiments. Users can conduct experiments under vacuum or slight pressure (10-1 to 1 bar), allowing for greater experimental diversity.

With Proto’s universal mount, it is more convenient than ever to switch between these and other stages in the AXRD Benchtop. Once set, alignment will be maintained across stages, ensuring the instrument remains easy to use.

Proto’s AXRD Benchtop is customizable and can be configured to suit any application. The goniometer is unique in that its radius can be set to either 143 mm, for higher x-ray flux and therefore faster measurements, or 191 mm, for narrower diffraction peaks and thus higher resolution data. Proto offers multiple anodes to suit your sample’s crystallography and chemistry, and it is easy to swap between anodes, eliminating the need for a technician.

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Crystallinity data


X-ray reflectivity data


Temperature data



powder diffraction peaks
powder diffraction peaks
FWHM peak resolution

FWHM peak resolution of < 0.03º with 191 mm configuration or < 0.05º 2θ with 143 mm configuration .


The AXRD Benchtop has numerous features that make it easy and convenient to use. An inclined x-ray tube prevents powders from spilling. Integrated water cooling includes a tank, pump, and heat exchanger that are all integrated into the instrument, making it the only 600 Watt system on the market without an external chiller. All units have safety warning lights (“X-RAY ON” and “SHUTTER OPEN” status lights) for user safety. There are flexible options for divergence, anti-scatter, Soller, and receiving slits to optimize speed or intensity. Multiple sample holders are available to better fit the needs of your project, including 25 mm round (shallow and deep), Si zero background, Si zero background with cavity, and air-sensitive sample holders. There is a portable work station for customers that require mobility. The work station has storage space for accessories, a keyboard, a mouse, a monitor mount, and wheels for ease of mobility.

Water Cooling

Integrated water cooling

Safety Warning Lights

Safety warning lights

Flexible Slit Options

Flexible slit options

Inclined X-ray Tube

Inclined x-ray tube

Sample holders

Sample holders

AXRD portable work station

Portable work station


The AXRD Benchtop has a variety of accessories available, including a rotating sample stage with a variable-speed sample spinner for improving particle statistics of samples with preferred orientation. Automated sample changers enable unattended operation of the AXRD. Each position can be fixed or contain a built-in rotating stage. In addition, the instrument features environmental cells for temperature, humidity, and pressure.

Compact Heating Stage

Compact Heating Stages

Variable Pressure Stage

Variable-Pressure Stage

Rotating Sample Stage

Rotating Sample Stage

Sample Changer

Sample Changer