The LPD-HT system internals
Close-up of a 24-well plate

Axrd® Lpd-HT

The Ultimate Laboratory Platform for High-Throughput Powder Diffraction

Unparalleled Speed and Resolution in a Powerful High-Throughput System

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The LPD-HT is the ideal solution for rapid screening and in-situ characterization of multifunctional molecular materials. The 96-well plate allows you to easily set up multiple samples for automated analysis, while the 2D Montel focusing optic provides impressive intensity and resolution. This system streamlines material discovery and drug development, allowing you to get crucial results at unprecendented speeds.

With an angular accuracy of < ± 0.01° Δ2θ over the full angular range, the AXRD LPD-HT can provide quick and accurate characterization of many materials, such as specialty chemicals, pharmaceutical co-crystals, polymorphs, coordination polymers, and metal-organic frameworks (MOFs).

Not only can you perform rapid screening of materials with your LPD-HT, but you can also further investigate the materials using any of our compatible temperature or pressure cells. With a high brilliance microfocus x-ray tube, a range of 2D detector options, and different well plate sizes, we excel at customizing your system to your exact requirements.

21 CFR Part 11 Software Credentials for Pharmaceutical Applications

Proto offers CFR-compliant powder XRD software for clients who need to create or store records containing information or processes regulated by the FDA. This means that you can be confident in your software's reliability and performance for all your pharmaceutical applications.

LPD powder diffractometer

Customization for Your Applications

LPD accessories


Capillary spinning stage, pressurized capillary stage, Oxford cryostats, XY mapping, laser-targeting system.

LPD x-ray source

Flexible X-ray Sources

High-power microfocus x-ray tubes (50-70 Watts).

LPD chambers


Latest-generation DECTRIS® EIGER2 family of detectors.

LPD x-ray optics

X-ray Optics

2D Montel focusing optic, interchangeable pinhole collimators.