Custom METALJET X-RAY systems

Your trusted partner for transforming an idea into a high-end MetalJet system

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At Proto, we specialize in the design and creation of custom x-ray systems. Our team of experts has the skills and experience to develop a unique solution for even the most complex project. We are committed to providing excellent service throughout the brainstorming, design, and manufacturing stages, ensuring that you get a complete solution for your specific application. When your project is complete, our scientists will provide the training and support you need to maximize the impact of your system.

Proto® is a proud integrator of Excillum MetalJet sources

With higher power density than conventional x-ray sources, Excillum's MetalJet sources are the world’s brightest microfocus x-ray tubes. Boasting incredible speed and impressive performance, liquid-metal jet anodes provide superior spot quality for your x-ray applications.


  • High-power loading capability
  • Choice of x-ray spectrum
  • Tunable spot size
  • Highly stable source position
  • Extreme microfocus source power
  • Superior spot quality
  • Optional dual port mode
  • User-variable size and aspect ratio of spot
  • Very stable x-ray emission and spot position
  • Minimal and predictable maintenance
  • LaB6 long-life cathode
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  • MetalJet C2
  • MetalJet D2+ 70 kV
  • MetalJet D2+ 160 kV
  • MetalJet E1 160 kV


  • Phase-contrast x-ray imaging
  • Micro-CT
  • High-energy diffraction microscopy
  • Crystallography
  • Small-angle x-ray scattering
Excillum MetalJet Source
Bright MetalJet Sources


Robust MetalJet x-ray sources give you the speed and accuracy you need for complex experiments. Take your measurements to the next level by achieving synchrotron-like performance in your lab.

Custom Motion Options on MetalJet

Custom Motion OPTIONS

Sample and detector translation slides are fully customizable, providing the ultimate experimental flexibility. In addition, various sample rotation stages are available, as well as custom motion systems to suit your needs.

Touchscreen Metaljet

Easy-to-use Touchscreens

With our convenient touchscreen displays and controls, it is easier than ever to check the status of your system and make adjustments. Information is provided on motor positions, interlock status, the x-ray source, and more.

Proto’s custom systems combine the innovative features you expect from our instruments with the advanced capabilities of MetalJet x-ray sources

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Modular cabinet designs allow for easy operation, convenient reconfiguration, and future expansion of your system.


With our state-of-the-art facilities and experienced team of scientists, we work with you to provide creative solutions for complex applications.


Using a secondary port on the MetalJet or a translating slide within the cabinet, you have the flexibility to set up more than one experimental beam line.


Innovative enclosures, convenient status lights and interlocks, and zero-emission radiation shields ensure user protection.


Optimize data collection with rotation stages and custom-length translation slides.