Cutting-Edge Accuracy with Flexible Robotic Configuration Options

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The roboXRD is an innovative solution for flexible residual stress measurements. Adapted from our highly popular iXRD platform, the roboXRD takes residual stress measurements to the next level. With a reach of 1210 mm, the system’s six-axis robot allows for easy, accurate measurements on both small and large parts.

Flexible configuration options make it possible for residual stress measurements to be collected at a variety of angles, ensuring that you always get the data you need. Thanks to its compatibility with the LP 200 Profilometer, advanced residual stress mapping can be effortlessly incorporated into your part characterization.

ixrd robot configuration
ixrd robot configuration
close up of ixrd gantry
  • Arm Length: 1210 mm
  • Degrees of Freedom: 6 axes
  • Arm Span: 910 mm
  • Phi Rotation: 0-340 deg
  • Software Package: PROTO XRDWIN RS
  • Accuracy: 10 microns
  • Power Requirements 90-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, single phase