LAUE-HTR diamond edition

The World's First Single-Crystal Diamond Orientation and Laser-Marking System

The Laue-HTR is the world’s first robotic Laue XRD system for orienting single-crystal diamonds. This revolutionary instrument allows you to accurately quantify mis-orientation of grown diamonds and identify unknown faces. Diamonds can be laser-marked on any hkl plane for subsequent cutting, offering a convenient, hassle-free way to position and mark your crystals.

Laue-HTR brochure cover

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With its user-friendly touch-screen control box, robotic positioning system, and 180° rotating laser head, the Laue-HTR is efficient and easy to operate. The high-speed side-reflection Laue camera ensures fast data collection, while the software produces clear images, allowing you to orient diamonds with incredible accuracy.

Laue-HTR diamond orientation
Laue side reflection camera

side-reflection laue camera

High-speed side-reflection Laue camera for fast data collection.

Laue side reflection camera

laser-marking system

Wall-mounted laser-marking system to clearly mark diamonds for subsequent cutting.

Laue HTR touchscreen

touch panel

Touch panel interface for easy control of the system.

Laue HTR touchscreen

Laue Diffraction image

Clear diffraction images for accurate orientation of diamond samples to any hkl plane.

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