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XRDWIN 2.0 Software

XRDWIN 2.0 is an extremely powerful, yet easy to operate software package for our line of XRD instruments. One stop shopping for residual stress measurement, retained austenite measurement, pole figures, x-ray elastic constant determination and much more.


• Linear and elliptical regression of d vs. sin2ψ data with comprehensive error analysis

• Psi and omega geometries

• Numerous peak fitting routines: Parabolic, Gaussian, Pearson VII, Cauchy, Centroid, Centered Centroid, Mid-chord

• Peak shift determination using absolute peak position or cross correlation method

• Dolle-Hauk method for ψ+, ψ- data averaging using linear regression Kα1 and Kα2 multi-peak fitting or Kα2 stripping

• Graphical display of “d”, “2θ ”, “intensity”, “breadth”, “FWHM” vs. sin2ψ or sin2χ , zoom-in, zoom-out, dynamic scale

• Interactive mouse control of fitting and background selection allows fast modifications of fitting parameters

• Results conveniently displayed in one view including raw data, corrected peaks, d-spacing vs. sin2ψ and text report

• Fully editable materials constants library and x-ray radiation constants chart

• Raw data exportable to ASCII, MS Word, MS Excel and clipboard formats



• Manual and automated routines

• Stress tensor determination, principle stress, max shear,

• Equivalent stress determination



As the originators of Automated Stress Mapping, we have spent considerable time developing a comprehensive set of patented stress mapping techniques and software tools.


Features include: square, rectangular and circle grid mapping, individual point selection for custom map trajectories, patented multi-level 3D graphical representation of results. Multi-map display and map algebra.


Mix & Match Maps

Residual Stress • Peak Width • % Retained Austenite • Hardness• Principle Stress •Individual Stress Tensors


Show Before & After Maps

Compare pre- and post- process •  Compare new and used • Track life cycle


Perform Map Algebra

+, -, X, /, Average •  Show Net Gains/Losses


Validate Your Data

Verify FEA Models • Evaluate surface enhancements • Determine weld stresses



• Principal stress calculator

• Material removal correction

• Effective depth of x-ray penetration correction

• X-ray Elastic Constant determination

• Remote access through network



• Pole-figure module

• Expert System module

• Database Management module

• Inline Inspection stress monitor

• Proto Strain Gauge Monitor module

• 4 Peak Retained Austenite Measurement module