A laboratory and factory floor star performer, the LXRD has been designed for heavy duty around-the-clock operation. Extremely fast, accurate and reliable, the LXRD offers the highest return on investment in the industry. Measurements can be performed in as little as a minute.


Laboratory Residual Stress and
Retained Austenite Measurement Systems



Built with both your safety and the long term protection of your instrument in mind. Our instruments are compliant with ANSI N43.2 regulations providing full radiation protection. An informative safety interlock panel directly linked to the  flow sensor, x-ray tube, high voltage power supply and door interlocks provides thermal and operational status diagnostics. X-ray and shutter beacons conveniently notify the operator of the status of the x-ray beam.

LXRD Microarea Residual Stress Measurement System
LXRD Instrument Panel

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PSSD detectors

PROTO’s proprietary position sensitive scintillation detectors (PSSD) provide unsurpassed speed, stability and a wide 2θ range. Unlike other x-ray detectors, they do not deteriorate with exposure to x-rays. No expensive replacements required. The detectors can be quickly positioned between Omega or Modified Side Inclination geometry. Two detectors for accurate shear stress determination. Available in standard and extended 2θ range.


Mounted detector


At the core of every LXRD system is the powerful yet easy to use PROTO XRDWin 2.0 software. A comprehensive Windows®-based data collection and stress analysis package with features such as: linear and elliptical regression, Dolle-Hauk, and triaxial methods. Advanced peak fitting functions: parabolic, gaussian, pearson VII, cauchy, centroid, centered centroid, and mid-chord. Graphical display of peak  intensity, breadth, FWHM, and sin2ψ plots provides informative easy to read results. Software utilities for XEC determination,  principle stress, material removal, depth of penetration, retained austenite, pole figures, and single crystal  stress complete the package.

XRDWIN 2.0 Software screen


All of our LXRDs have features that make them easy and convenient to use. A high performance goniometer  maintains ASTM E915 accuracy in a low maintenance design. The manual focus pointer enables accurate positioning of the goniometer in complex geometries. The automated focus pointer provides  convenient focusing of large residual stress maps. A wide variety of x-ray beam apertures are available including: round 0.2, 0.5, 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0 mm and rectangular 0.5x3, 1x3, 0.5x5, 1x5, 2x5 mm. High stress standards, zero stress powders & RA standards ensure accurate system results. Integrated cooling for a self-contained instrument.



Residual Stress Mapping is available on all LXRD models, providing a  comprehensive picture of the residual stress state of your part. As the originators of residual stress mapping, PROTO is a leader in the field. Automated Retained Austenite as per ASTM E915 enables characterization of %RA in steels as low as 1%.  X-ray elastic constant determination (XEC) ensures automated residual stress measurement material calibration as per ASTM E1426. Pole Figures created using the LXRD rotary stages can be used for preferred orientation analysis, single crystal orientation, and single crystal stress measurement.