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XRDWIN 2.0 Laue

This specialized version of XRDWIN is designed for both operating our single crystal Laue orientation systems and data analysis of  Laue patterns. Standard features include a comprehensive set of tools for analyzing patterns, indexing and reorienting crystals. A high-speed production mode simplifies high-throughput orientation of single crystal components such as turbine blades.


• Laue pattern simulation from space group and crystal data.

• Automated indexing of patterns.

• Orientation matrix will suggest necessary movements of crystal to correct orientation.

• Live Image mode for real-time viewing of Laue patterns.

• Fully editable image time and frames.

• Ability to save Laue images.



• 001, 011 & 111 overlays for manual matching of Laue patterns.

• Editable custom hkl overlays.

• Space mouse control for rotation of overlay.

• USA angles: gamma, delta, alpha, beta, R-value

• US convention 1 and 2

• UK angles: gamma, delta, theta, alpha, R-values, kappa, rho, omega

• R –value calculations available using: REL cos (R-2cos), REL rms (R-2RMS), DIFF cos (R-3cos), DIFF rms (R-3RMS), Single-angle cos (R-1cos)

• Off orientation mode with both nearest 001 reference option and a local reference option.

• Automated indexing and computerized matching of any Laue pattern.

• Option to customize production collection screens as per your requirement.

• Option to interface results to company database for storage and verification.