The AXRD Benchtop is easy to use and provides accurate and reliable measurement results with comparable speed to full size laboratory units. Equipped with our powerful Hybrid Photon Counting Detector, the AXRD Benchtop has extremely fast data collection capabilities. Collect low-resolution scans in 3 minutes. Collect high resolution scans in 15 to 30 minutes.  Incredible low angle performance, with excellent peaks as low as 1º.


With 600 Watts of x-ray power, an achievable FWHM peak resolution of < 0.05º 2θ and an angular accuracy of < ± 0.02º Δ2θ over the full angular range, the AXRD Benchtop, provides a low cost alternative for powder diffraction, all while maintaining  the necessary performance for even the most demanding x-ray diffraction material investigation.

Whether you are doing Phase Identification, Quantitative Analysis or Structure Analysis the AXRD Benchtop will bring you years of  convenience and value in a compact, easy to maintain system.

AXRD Benchtop Powder Diffractometer

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Improve Your Science with the AXRD Benchtop Powder Diffractometer.



Lab6 Scan from AXRD measurement


Silver Behenate Scan from AXRD
Measurement graph
Measurement graph


Dectris Hybrid Photon Counting Detector



- 640 channel high-speed solid state linear detector

- Simultaneous multiple channel collection enables collection times up to 100 times faster than a

  scintillation counter

- Direct detection of x-rays using silicon strip technology

- Global count rate of 1x10^9 counts/s

- High speed collection times

- 32 mm x 8 mm sensor area

- Excellent signal-to-noise ratio and very high dynamic range

- Fluorescence suppression mode

Si Solid State Detector

SPd SILICON POINT Detector - XRD & XRF in one convenient package


- Energy discriminating single channel solid state detector

- Recommended for samples with high fluorescence (i.e. Fe and Co)

- Eliminates need for a diffracted beam monochromator

- Kβ suppression capabilities

- powder pattern collection using Kα1,2 or Kβ

- Use XRF spectrum to assist in chemical identification of sample and improve search match results


Our complete x-ray diffraction software package for both data collection and analysis of powder patterns is the perfect solution for qualitative and quantitative analysis. Some of XRDWIN’s unique features include: instrument warm-up and control, flexible data collection options including segmented and batch mode collection, pressure and temperature environmental cell control, peak search, profile analysis including peak, crystallite size and strain, crystallinity, intensity ratio method, spike methods, and Rietveld refinement. Search/match for ICDD PDF databases and the COD database. MDI Jade interface also available.


XRDWin Software Screen
Jade software screen


Our AXRD Benchtop has features that make it easy and convenient to use. An inclined x-ray tube prevents powders from spilling. Integrated water cooling includes  tank, pump and heat exchanger that are all integrated into the AXRD, making it the only 600-watt system on the market without an external chiller. All units have safety warning lights (X-ray on, shutter open, status lights) for user safety. There are  flexible options for divergence, anti-scatter, Soller and receiving slits, to optimize speed or intensity.  There are multiple sample holders available to better fit the needs of your project including 25 mm round (shallow and deep cavities), Si zero background plates, Si zero background plates with cavities and air-sensitive sample holders.



The AXRD Benchtop has a variety of accessories available. A rotating sample stage with a variable speed sample spinner for improving particle statistics of samples with preferred orientation. An automated six position sample changer enables unattended operation of the AXRD. Each position has a built-in rotating stage. Environmental cells for temperature, humidity and pressure.  There is a portable workstation for customer's that require mobility. The work station has storage for accessories, keyboard, mouse, monitor mount and wheels for ease of mobility.